Scaling-up SAFE WATER


Since March 2015, Antenna Technologies has launched the Programme “Scaling up Safe Water Phase 2” with the support of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and the Dutch organization Aqua for All. Its goal is to scale up social enterprises delivering solutions and services to improve access to drinking water for all in Asia and Africa.

Building up on the first phase of the Programme (2010-2014) the objective is to continue supporting and developing viable economic models for water treatment methods such as filtration or disinfecting water. Six social enterprises from India, Guinea Conakry, Nepal, Cambodia and Pakistan are part of this programme and are being supported in their social marketing activities to distribute these solutions to all, in particular to marginalised populations. At the same time, our partners IRC and FANSA are carrying out several actions to increase awareness about the right to water of public institutions.


  • Contribute to the progressive realization of the Human Right to Water, thanks to diffusion and workshop at the local national level on HWTS social enterprises.
  • Provide a self-sufficient and sustainable solution for drinking water treatment in households, thanks to the local production of chlorine and/or ceramic filters, and to turn it into a viable business.
  • Create off-shoot money-making activities from the local production of chlorine or chlorinated water distribution and the sale of ceramic filters.
  • Establish a modus operandi for the execution, follow-up and evaluation of these activities.
  • Document and capitalize on these experiences in order to replicate them.
  • Prepare an “upscaling” phase based on know-how acquired and lessons learned.
  • Duration of programme: 2015 – 2018
  • Total Budget: Antenna financing, SDC, Aqua for All, IRC, FANSA: 2,300,000 CHF
  • Impact: 1,800,000 beneficiaries/clients
  • Contact Antenna: Fanny Boulloud


  • Project in India with our partners Development Alternatives and Springhealth
  • Project in Nepal with our partners ECCA and MinErgy
  • Project in Cambodia with Hydrologic