Rwanda: WATA as a suitable tool for cleaning prisons

Following positive experiences in prisons in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), Antenna provided prisons in Rwanda with 2 Maxi-WATA devices for cleaning floors and toilets. The project may be extended to other prisons in the region, depending on the results.

The pilot project, under the supervision of the ICRC in Kigali, Rwanda, aims to establish chlorine production using WATA equipment in the country’s prisons.

In June 2012, Antenna sent experts to the country for the purpose of training ICRC personnel, the staff at Gitarama and Rilima prisons and a number of inmates in the use of Maxi-WATA equipment.

In particular, the mission in 2012 was to:

  • Provide Maxi-WATA devices;
  • Provide the necessary supporting documents and training materials;
  • Provide theoretical and practical training;
  • Assist in setting up the chlorine production units and supervise the equipment being used.

Antenna also has the role of monitoring the project and providing long-term technical support. Our WATA representative in the DRC, Sébastien Famba, has undergone training and is available to train others where needed.

Partner and funding: ICRC Rwanda

Programme duration: 2012-2013

Antenna contact:  Pierre-Gilles Duvernay