Our business model

Our programmes combine health education, technical training, and the creation of an business model based on sodium hypochlorite and chlorinated water production and sales.

Our objective is to make safe water treatment a profitable activity for communities in developing countries. In the long term, the production and sale of chlorine should create an income-generating activity for the local population and ensure their independence in water treatment.

The options for running a business with our Wata solution

Depending on the local context, partners sell the chlorine produced in flasks, bottles of chlorinated water, or home chlorination services.

Giving away or subsidising Point-of-Use (POU) water treatment systems such as chlorine has not only distorted the market; it has also created an expectation that POUs are goods which it is better to wait for than to buy. As a result, Antenna does not distribute its WATA solution free of charge, but sells it at an affordable price and reinvests the income in research and manufacturing.

Business options for selling sodium hypochlorite produced with WATA technology:

  1. Chlorination services (water disinfection)
  2. Selling flasks of chlorine or treated water

Marketing stakeholders

The success of chlorine-based projects is heavily dependent on the people and institutions involved in their dissemination. We have identified that schools, health centres and womens groups are important stakeholders in raising awareness about safe water and spreading the right messages about chlorine.

  1. Schools
  2. Health centers
  3. Women’s groups