Madagascar: Project “Rano Madio”


More than 12 million people in Madagascar lack access to clean drinking water (, 2015). In most cases, the resulting waterborne diseases affect children, jeopardizing both their health and schooling.

Since the introduction of the pilot phase of the Rano Madio (meaning clear water in Malagasy) project in 2016, eight schools and approximately 2,100 students have gained access to drinking water, through the implementation of a rainwater recovery and chlorination system. This allows for chlorine to be locally produced to disinfect school latrines and purify water. In addition, Antenna has promoted the importance of hygiene to prevent water-related diseases. In 2019, the project had been implemented to the benefit of 1,500 students in nine additional schools, bringing the total number of beneficiaries to 3,600 students in 17 schools.

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