A traditional medicine as an affordable alternative to treat pediculosis

Pediculosis caused by head lice (Pediculus humanus var capitis) infestation is widespread worldwide. Although transmission is not at all dependent on the socioeconomic status of individuals, the magnitude of lice infestation and the related household management are directly influenced by financial resources, access to treatment and the availability of proper information. Therefore, Antenna medicines is engaged in socially inclusive educational programs together with access to an affordable homemade head lice solution as a tool in empowering families to gain sustainable control over the spread of head lice

We developed a program around a theatre performance involving the entire community as a way to transform a scourge into a festive event while putting the management of household head lice under the spotlight. The parents of all school children are invited to participate. At the same time, teachers address the subject in class and explain to students how to treat head lice and avoid new infestations.

The first event happened in Brazil in March 2018.

We refined the strategy through a comparative study in Nepal, a strategy that has been replicated by NGOs helping refugees in Greece, in Samos.