Solar kit distribution

More than 600 million people in Africa do not have access to their own energy supply

Working with local partners, community groups and cooperatives enables us to provide to the most remote communities with a global approach:

Population awareness

  • High-quality lighting, a better investment and less electronic waste: 2 years warranty and an overall life cycle of up to 10 years (vs weeks/months for low-quality kits)
  • Payments managed by local groups: eliminating dependence on banks


  • Payment in instalments makes technology affordable
  • Microcredit approach with very low interest rates

Direct collaboration

  • Payment plan scheduled according to group meetings
  • Solar kit offer adapted to field requirements

Job creation

  • Knowledge transfer to local partners (identification of
    new partnerships, business management, communication)
  • Local partners manage repayment by cooperatives
  • Guarantors earn profits
sustainable business model schema
Sustainable business model

  1. Antenna prefinances solar kits for local partners
  2. Repayment guaranteed by the cooperatives/associations (guarantors chosen for/by the group)
  3. Guarantors report to local partner
  4. Local partners and guarantors earn profits for their work
  5. Antenna is committed to reinvesting the income in new energy access projects

*According to UN estimates