How families can change their lives with OOLUX

Pilot projects for a better outreach

Since 2013, we conduct field tests in seven Asian and African countries (India, Bangladesh, Cameroon, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Zambia), in collaboration with ten partners involved in various fields (NGOs, cooperatives, SMEs).

These tests not only indicated that there is a high demand for our products among consumers and partners, but they also helped to define the necessary steps for a large scale distribution, specially regarding the integrated micro-financing tool and to demonstrate the economic viability of this process.

An innovative progressive payment system

An adequate micro-financing tool is definitely a key success factor for a large-scale distribution and ensure a strong socio-economic impact.

OOLUX includes a progressive payment management system, allowing the sales of the product through three distribution levels. This payment system is deployed in Cameroon via the Solar Square project with our partner, Solafrica.

  1. Client: OOLUX is activated for a period corresponding to the amount of payment made. The information is recorded in the computer system.
  2. Seller: a smartphone application is used to activate OOLUX, which sends sales information to the web portal.
  3. Distributeur: the web portal associated to the OOLUX application allows the user to follow up the sales in real-time.

Our partners

The program received financial support from the Symphasis Foundation, the Swiss Confederation through REPIC – its program aimed at the promotion of renewable energies within international cooperation – the NEXANS Foundation, the City of Geneva, as well as the Republic and District of Geneva.

Since 2015, we have been running a distribution program together with our partner Solafrica in Cameroon.

Many other partners offer their support at various levels (technical, design, assembly, strategy, etc): The Bern University of Applied Sciences (BFH), Flink, CSS Group, PRO Entreprise Sociale, RAVInvest, MSD Consulting, Caritas Switzerland, E3 Associates.