Our Team

Denis von der Weid

Director and founder of Antenna Foundation

A doctor in law from the University of Fribourg, and graduate of INSEAD, the international business school based in Fontainebleau, Denis von der Weid left Switzerland for Colombia to focus on the issues of North-South and hunger. Upon his return to Fribourg, he taught development economics and set up a organisation in the same field, and was called upon to teach in Fontainebleau. Several years ensued in the management of Sandoz, before returning to the field, in India. In 1984, he set up Antenna, as an association, as a network of lawyers – and as a supplier of clandestine radio transmitters to assist human rights activists in a number of countries. By 1989, the organisation had metamorphosed into Antenna Technologies to build up the role of scientific research in the struggle against extreme poverty.

Abel Silva

Finance and administration manager

Anne-Laure Cavin

Co-responsible for the Medicine Program

Antonio Paone

R&D Engineer, Programme Energy, Water & Hygiene

Bertrand Graz

Doctor, Research and academis teaching, Medicine Program

Céline Perino

Communication and Fundraising manager

Dulce Probst


Fanny Boulloud

Water & Hygiene Coordinator Program (Asia)

Jérôme Voillat

Program Coordinator Water & Hygiene (English speaking Africa) and Commercial strategy

Joël Jeanloz

Project Manager, Energy Program

Mami Daba Fam

Manager of R&D, Water & Hygiene Program

Manon Renfer

Administrative & Communication Assistant

Marc-Antoine Manneguerre

Logistic and commercial distribution manager

Mariana Veauvy

R&D project manager

Olivia Kohli

Administrative assistant

Pierre-Gilles Duvernay

Coordinateur de programme Eau & Hygiène Conseiller technique (Afrique francophone)

Raphael Graser

Project assistant Safe Water

Renata Nogueira

Co-responsible for the Medicine Program