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  • Algae as an Approach to Combat Malnutrition in Developing Countries, par Christophe Hug et Denis von der Weid (Antenna Technologies), Journal of Technology Assessment and System Analysis 2012(1);16-22. Article uniquement disponible en anglais.
  • Algae are being increasingly used in our food. Their use is, however, not an entirely new phenomenon as some species have been beneficially consumed in diverse cultures for centuries. Algae’s wealth of nutrients has also led researchers to investigate new approaches for combating malnutrition in developing countries. One approach is based on the small-scale production of the microalga “Spirulina” and has proved to have considerable potential as a tool for development. Significant work has been done to develop its production and distribution in order to reach malnourished populations. However, although this approach has been successful, support for it by large international organisations is weak, and they do not include it in their development efforts. This might nevertheless change as evidence is accumulated in successful field trials.

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